Brazil Loves Canna Cola


Last month I was contacted by Brazil’s Record TV, the second largest network in South America. They had read the two articles in Folha, which had created quite  buzz in Brazil, and they we’re eager to do a piece on our company.

Fortunately they were already coming to California to do a comprehensive look at medical marijuana in the USA and would be up North for a week as they traveled from Santa Cruz to Mendocino in search of a great story.

My contact was producer Osmar Freitas Jr. who lives in New York , which is the North American office for Record TV. The interview was conducted by the charismatic Vinicius Donola, a seasoned television journalist well know for his in depth and tasteful approach to news.

The day after doing my interview, they drove up to Mendocino, the heart of the Emerald triangle. They figured it would be a gold mine of information. One would think that going to a place who’s economy is dependent on the income generated from marijuana, both legally and illegally, would yield a bounty of footage, correct?

It was a total bust. No one would talk to them. Not even dispensaries. They couldn’t find a single grower or even one plant.

Hearing their predicament I made some calls and they drove back down to Santa Cruz. A friend hooked them up with a legal producer who gave a very educational tour of the grown process, and Rich Couch of Herbal Cruz, who previously helped when out when the Associated Press needed another viewpoint when they were doing a piece on Canna Cola,  provided the vital dispensary angle.

Originally there were going to be two parts. One just on medical marijuana in California, and the other just on Canna Cola. The day it was to air, tragedy struck when a gunman went on a rampage and massacred twelve children at a Rio school. To make room for special news coverage the two parts were condensed and combined.

Below is the combined program. Canna Cola is at the end.



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6 Responses to Brazil Loves Canna Cola

  1. Alex


    Hope folks over here get over their heads and let us drink canna cola!!

  2. Denise Deshong

    .I’m looking to see how to receive this Medical Marijuana Soda Pop. If you would be able to send me information on this product to learn more of it’s effects.

    Thank you.

  3. Daniel

    that´s so amazing and i would like to congrat all of you guys!!
    i would like to know if there is any chance for me to receive canna cola here in Brazil, because i saw the program and i was looking forward to buy a sample of your produt.
    Thanks a lot!
    see u guys!!!

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  5. Really, brazilian people just talk shit about cannabis, to hell these stupid journalists

  6. Erinaldo Nunes

    Aqui no Maranhão, nas cidadizinha simples é muito comum encontrarmos a cachaça feita da cana-de-açúcar e posteriormente curtida com as folas da maconha. Eu e meu irmão batizamos ela de “Fuconha” porque a cachaça e chamada de “fubuia”, então é uma aglutinação de fubuia+maconha = fu+conha. Hoje é a bebida mais consumida em algumas cidades do Maranhão. Eu amo essa bebida porque ela é leve e não deixa ressaca e nem mal hálito, e ainda alivias as dores musculares. Abraço