Q. Does it really have marijuana in it?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I order a case and have it shipped to me?

A. Canna Cola is a medical marijuana product so it is illegal to ship except in very specific circumstances. It’s only manufactured by qualified dispensaries, co-ops, and bottlers who are allowed to produce and distribute medical marijuana in their state. So if you don’t live in one of those states, and you don’t have a medical marijuana prescription, you will not be able to purchase Canna Cola.

Q. Come on man, just a couple of bottles. No one will know.

A. Nope. Sorry. It will never happen, so stop asking.

Q. Will there be a marijuana-free version for the rest of us who don’t have a medical marijuana prescription.

A. Yes. We are developing a THC free version for global consumers. It will come in both Thrill™ and Chill™ versions. The Thrill™ version will contain a proprietary blend of nutrients and herbs that increase energy, stamina and mental clarity. The Chill™ version It will contain a proprietary blend of nutrients and herbs that are designed to calm your mind and body, without sacrificing clarity and focus – a feeling best described as being “centered”.

Q. Do you have any merchandise like t-shirts or collector’s bottles?

A. Yes we do. Check out  to our line of official Canna Cola clothing.

Q: Why did you make your packaging so attractive and why make medicine that tastes good?

A: The idea that taking your medicine shouldn’t be an enjoyable experience is not only cruel but counterproductive to healing and the relieving of suffering. Patients seeks out medical marijuana for various reason. Some are fighting cancer and chemotherapy leaves them too nauseous to eat. Some are wracked by muscle spasms that prevent them from working. Some are plagued by such chronic body aches that they can barely sleep. But some say these people haven’t suffered enough. They should also be required to take medicine that tastes bitter, unpleasant, and comes in a drab gray bottle.

We believe that having a debilitating illness is more than enough burden. There is no need to add to it. Our packaging is designed to bring happiness to those who are suffering. We use bright colors and humorous, yet sophisticated graphics and names intentionally. When a patient holds our bottle we want them to smile and when they drink it we want them to have pleasurable experience. It’s well known that the mere act of smiling boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure and releases endorphins into your system. So while laughter is not necessarily the best medicine, feeling happy is a critical part to fighting disease and recovering from illness. When a cancer patient picks up a bottle of Canna Cola to counteract the ravages of chemotherapy,  it’s supposed to bring a smile to their face. Bringing joy to those who are suffering is nothing to be ashamed of and the reason we exist.

Q. Won’t people accidentally confuse this with a  regular soda?

A. Since Canna Cola is a restricted medical marijuana product it can only be purchased in dispensaries by qualified adults, there is no worry about confusion at point of sale.

However, once a patience purchases a product and takes it home, the context changes.  This is why we’re proud of the fact that we have one of the most aggressive warning labels in the industry. On the back is very large label in clear black,white, and red that states “WARNING: The product contains marijuana. For medical use only. Keep away from children. Not for sale to persons under 18 in dispensaries.” There are also very bold warnings about suggested use and effects.

So we’ve taken every measure possible to prevent children, and even adults from mistakenly ingesting the product. I wish we could magically stop people from being negligent with their medications but we’re doing more than what the pharmaceutical companies do even though medical marijuana has a very low potential for harm and abuse compared to most over the counter and prescription medications.

Q: You use funny characters and bold colors on your packaging. Are you worried that children may be attracted to your product? Isn’t this aimed at children?

This question touches on two points of public anxiety that upon examination are not supported by reality.

First is the access issue. This product can only be purchased by adults, with a doctor’s recommendation, and from a state authorized dispensary. Unlike a liquor store or a neighborhood grocery, no one is permitted to enter the dispensary unless they have a medical marijuana card. As co-founder of Canna Cola, I can’t even buy my own product or look at it on the shelf because I don’t have a medical marijuana card and therefore I am forbidden to enter the dispensary. So an unauthorized minor would have zero possibility of finding, examining, or purchasing Canna Cola.

The second issue is the idea that anything attractive is aimed at children. Children are attracted to many things that they are not ready to handle such as fast cars, fire, R rated movies and weapons. But we don’t ban cars, make firs illegal, forbid adult entertainment or banish all weapons. Instead we put restrictions on access, both through regulation and through parental instruction. A child can’t purchase a ticket to an R rated movie, buy a gun at Wal-Mart, or get a driver’s license. We teach our children not to play with fire, look both ways before crossing the street and not to touch the household cleaner that we all keep within easy reach below the sink. This is how life really works. Through regulation, limited access and parental controls we do a darn good job of keeping our kids safe without resorting to a world devoid of all adult sensibilities, desires, and pleasures.

There is also a long and rich history of using characters and mascots, in an adult setting, for brand identification. A quick look at the NF or NHL will show uniforms decorated with ducks, pirates, dolphins. Cars use cougars and mustangs. Playboy magazine and Energizer batteries both have bunnies. Captain Morgan rum has a very cool looking pirate. Green Giant vegetable has a happy Green Giant. Army recruitment posters used Uncle Sam and Michelin Tires has the robust Michelin man, a character made completely out of tires.

Yet no one would confuse this as marketing towards children. These are product for adults. Children can’t buy beer or rum, nor do they have any interest in purchasing a set of tires, a bag frozen vegetables, or a twelve pack of batteries.

We shouldn’t confuse a product that is fun and attractive, but made for, restricted to, and marketed to adults with products that are truly made for, and marketed towards kids.

So you will never see Canna Cola advertised  in any media environment aimed at children. You will never see a child purchasing a Canna Cola in a dispensary. Canna Cola is medicated beverage made for adults who have a doctor’s recommendation that allows them to purchase a medical marijuana product in their state. This is not only required by law, it’s what we believe. Canna Cola is serious medicine for adults.

Q. You claim that you have never tried marijuana. How can we trust a product that is not even used by the co-creator.

A. This question touches on two points of common concern that upon examination make very little sense.

One point is the question of hypocracy. Yes, it’s true, I have never tried marijuana and have no interest in doing so. However I’m solidly pro choice and anti-prohibition. I don’t see marijuana use as a moral issue. These are not contradictions. Just because I personally don’t partake in something doesn’t give me the right to prevent others from doing so. There are many activities that I don’t have any interest in such as skydiving, bungee jumping, drinking alcohol, and listening to Bon Jovi. However this doesn’t mean these activities are immoral or wrong. They are just one of many choices and adult can make in their life.

The second issue is that of personal experience and how that effects the quality or intergity of a product. Do you trust flying on a 747 even though the CEO of Being Corporation is not a commercial pilot and has never flown one of his own planes nor personally built one himself?  I would say the answer is probably yes. The reason we are fine with flying in planes that were not personally tested and flow by the CEO of the company is that we understand that making and flying a plane are very specialized skills. However, no one would say that the owner of an aviation company is somehow too ignorant and incapable of overseeing the process or creating the conditions that produce excellent planes even though he’s not a commercial pilot himself.

Producing  medical marijuana products is a specialized process and the final product can only be judged by state authorized manufacturers with a deep and rich history with medical marijuana products. This is why we’ve taken the utmost care in selecting partners that can insure consistent quality. So while I do try the non-medicated syrups and work closely in developing the flavors and colors, the final THC infused product is best judged by others more qualified.

So if Canna Cola was a blood thinning medication to prevent blood clots in stroke victims, would you be asking me if I’ve tried it even though I don’t have a blot clotting problem. The answer is no, because you should only take medicine you need. Canna Cola is medicine. At this point in my life, I don’t need it. Maybe someday I will, and I’d like to have that option if I choose to. But right now, it wouldn’t make any sense for me to use Canna Cola.

Q. What are the most common misconceptions about Canna Cola

A. Number one misconception is that somehow we cracked the code on marijuana prohibition. So  no, we can’t send you a case. It’s against the law. You can’t order it online. Sure, we can sell you a nice empty, never been used bottle for your collection, but unless you have a medical marijuana card and live in a state that allows for it you will never taste it. I’ve never even tasted it and I’m the co-founder. Sure, I’ve tasted the non-medicated syrup to make sure we develop a great flavor, but I don’t have a medical marijuana card and I have no reason at this point in my life to get one. So I can’t even go inside a dispensary to see how it looks on the shelf. No card, no entrance. Medical marijuana is tightly regulated, as it should be.

The second misconception is how it will be distributed, We will never make the drink. It’s not possible. Canna Cola will be made locally in each state by certified medical marijuana manufactures, dispensaries, and co-ops. We provide the brand and syrup, but each bottler will source their own medical marijuana and produce the final product. And they will follow their state’s laws to the letter.


20 Responses to FAQs

  1. I am wondering if this will be distributed throughout Canada for those with medicinal cards..?

    • Clay

      Canada is a tricky situation. Right now there is no legal way to produce and distribute in Canada even though technically it is allowed for medical use. No matter how the law ends up, it’s still a medical marijuana product, so we will need a licensee in Canada to make it.

    • april

      hey i was wondering the contents it says 12 ounces is that accurate there is equivalent to 12 onces of medicine in one bottle …so if there is then would you like take a sip or a capful? or the whole thing LMAO just joking 8)

  2. I’m from Brazil How can I buy this product

    • Chris

      I’m not from the company but I can tell you that it’s impossible to ship the product out of the country. Marijuana is illegal under federal law, so is medical marijuana, since international trade is under the authority of the federal government it’s impossible to ship it out of the country. However is Brazil allows medical marijuana then it could be possible to one day have a bottler in Brazil to make and ship the product.

  3. Gosh, I’m kinda jealous. Cant wait til this gets to South Africa. Clay don’t forget me, I’ll be your #1 supporter. Fingers crossed of course!

  4. Michelle

    Does your company have an interest/opinion on states that have legalized med marij but not created legal dispensaries? Nevada has no dispensaries, yet a med marij card is available – for a high fee of course. Marijuana cannot be accessed here legally as Nevada doesn’t recognize other states’ dispensaries or laws. Without assistance from corporate entities, Nevada and other states’ citizens like me (Rheumatoid Arthritis & Fibromyalgia) will never have the opportunity; even though I’m legally allowed, there are no dispensaries. Politicians listen only to money; what is your position?

  5. Chris

    If say hypothetically marijuana became legal either on a state or federal level (eg. California Prop 19) would you allow this to be distributed to non medicinal cannabis users?

  6. How much alcohol is in each bottle of Canna Cola?

  7. Laine

    Will it ever be diet?

  8. J

    How can we invest in your company? Any plans on going public?

  9. Derek

    Im an engineering student, and i may have tried the sticky icky once or twice. I was just wondering how people infuse soda with THC since THC is a non-polar substance and soda, an aqueous solution, is a non-polar substance. Do the botlers infuse it in the CO2. Please answer.

  10. Dirk

    What is the amount of THC/CBD per bottle? Is it as fully digested into the system as other edibles?

  11. Jack

    Are your products certified Kosher? If not, are you planning to become certified?

    • Clay

      No, and probably not. Being Kosher certified greatly complicates things and adds significant costs. It’s kind of a racket anyway. You pay a bunch of money to have a Rabbi look around, make a blessing and collect his check. I know for the observant it’s important, but even among the observant there’s a lot of argument about what is actually, and truly, and authentically Kosher. It’s not a settled issue. One of my clients had three different Kosher certifications because 1/3 of his target market thought the other two were “posers” and vice versa. So he paid to have them all bless his product just to make everyone happy. Just ridiculous.

  12. Charlie Poole

    Hi, my name is Charlie and I have cancer that has become resistant to chemo therapy.
    I love your drinks and I would like to know how much actual weed it contains, I don’t know if it says it on the label because my mother buys it for me and she changes the bottle because my older brother keeps on drinking it (but not anymore ha ha). It would make my day if someone would reply/answer this as I can’t find it on the internet and I’ve just spent an two hours trying to find this out without any result and I don want what little time I have left wasted in vain.

  13. Matthew

    How can i contact management or the owner of this company?

  14. David Pritchard

    how much sugar is in each bottle?

  15. steve

    Hey Clay,
    Where in Denver can I find this product? I’ve been calling around also.
    Thanks and still thirsty!

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