Where to Buy Canna Cola

Canna Cola Flavors

We will be populating this list shortly.

Dispensaries that would like to carry Canna Cola should email us at dispensary@drinkcannacola.com

Only available in MMJ states. Here’s a link to a list. If your state is NOT on this list then NO… YOU CAN’T GET CANNA COLA.

Here’s a list of current states:

He’s a list of current state legislation to allow for medical marijuana:


Clay Butler




114 Responses to Where to Buy

  1. Jasper Samuel Fry

    ,,, I’m stuck in the republic on Indiana, with little hope of ligalization… where can I get a soda fix??? lol P.S. Our Governor Bitch Danials has his sights on the white-house.. Please help me make sure he don’t make it…….

    • Just An Old Hippy

      Well brother from Indiana, just stop by patientsolutions420 in Holland,mi and we can get u going on that mmj card,only problem! No CANNA COLA to b found on the west coast in mi !:(
      Hey Clay, we here on the 3rd west coast b waiting!
      I love soda! yours sounds awesome!

      • Clay

        The quickest way to get Canna Cola in your MMJ state is to become a bottler yourself. Since marijuana is illegal in any form on a Federal level it cannot be shipped, even between MMJ states.

        • Chris

          How does one become a bottler? I am in CO and just got my red card.

        • Karmistic

          For those of us in Cali where we get weed delivered in less time than a pizza gets delivered, where can I get this soda at? I live in the San Diego Area.

        • Darryl R

          I do understand that it cant be shipped but is it possible for me to pick it up at my own risk. There has to be a loop hole is the legislation somewhere. It’s not like I will be traveling with marijuana in plant form that can be weighed. I can even provide my own boxes. Ultimately I would want to become a bottler however.

          • Clay

            I can’t say this any more clear. Marijuana is illegal. Period. No exceptions. Even when produced under state law and distributed only to MMJ patients it’s still illegal on a federal level. There is no such thing as selling under the table or “buying at your own risk”. That’s drug dealing, not MMJ.

            If you want to become a bottler, send me an email with your specifics (capital available, experience, city, state certifications)

    • Yaaaaaa budddy

      i live in sudbury ontario, is there any way of getting some canna cola up here?

    • danilo

      potrei acquistarla io dall’italia, qui e’ legale?

    • Scott Kelly

      I hear ya there bro! I’m in Indiana too, dreaming about all the cool hemp stuff that we may never get to see in this state. It’s a true bummer.

    • Uncle Biz

      I feel you dude. I’m stuck here in Indiana and it’s the off to the weed man because these hillbilly idiots can’t seem to get it right.

    • Pete

      Any plans for the state of Washington?

  2. jose

    man i want sample because i have multiple sclerosis

  3. Luciano Tomas

    Hi, Is there any chance to get this OUT of the us? I live in argentina

    • Clay

      Sorry. Only our non-medicated natural herbal version will be available in Argentina. The THC version cannot be shipped anywhere and only produced in locations where medical marijuana is legalized.

  4. Jay

    Can i get it in new orleans?

  5. Greetings from Italy, I would love to try it, but our country is damned by doping in policts :(

    • Clay

      Yes, same goes for Italy. If your country doesn’t allow marijuana use for medical reasons or allow for commercial distribution, then Canna Cola THC cannot be made available in your country.Sorry

  6. Wayne

    will it sell anywhere in NY?

  7. Sphinx

    Is this going to be available in Canada? Please…

    • Clay

      Perhaps someday but right now there doesn’t seem to be a legal mechanism to allow a bottler to make and distribute it there.

  8. Andrew

    Can you buy this in Ohio?

  9. MIchael

    How much per bottle?

  10. Larryn Carter

    Is it legal in California ?

  11. Jessica M.

    Where in Ca? I live in Oakland/SF Eastbay.

  12. Joey Herb

    I live in central jerzy, is there any way of me gettin it? nd do u need a mmj card to get it ?

  13. kikos

    can i get it in portugal ? I can buy online ?

  14. bruno

    Really wanted to try here in Brazil is not legalized yet, more are struggling to make it happen, I would buy them all, also wanted a way must receive them here in Brazil laughs big hug, very good idea, very good indeed. My english is terrible lol

  15. chi townnnn

    what about chicago any way of gettin it here?

  16. chi townnnn

    how about chicago?

  17. issam

    i live in morocco(africa) i love it

  18. josh martin

    hey i live in iowa how would i get some of that drink

  19. Kush

    Where can we get it in California?

  20. anthony cash

    I live in adrian mi. and I have had my card 2 years and would like the weed store i go to to stock it
    i have chroninc pain in my neck hip and back from 2 car accdents

  21. Hugo

    I live in the beautiful city of Tijuana, MX…any chances we can get that over here?

  22. alex

    i am a patient in MI, i want to buy this for personal use, where can i go to purchase this?

  23. sauce!

    Is your non-marijuana product available in canada anywhere?

    p.s. i love you! i cant wait for july 11th ;D

  24. Clay I am the buyer for several Co-Ops in Sacramento Ca what do I need to do to carry your products

  25. Whitewolf

    How about around Massachusetts?

  26. Jerseyboy

    can we get this in new jersey??

  27. Pret

    Where the hell can I get it if I’m in Greenville, SC?

  28. hey clay,
    i sent you an email about this matter but how do i become a bottler/vendor for bulk orders as i am interested in this product. I am in SoCal…

  29. Tha dutch pothead

    Is this for sale in dutch coffee shops if not go sell it in holland

  30. the indonesian grass

    This is one of the things that I most wanted to try, THC in a liquid!! how should I try? the grasses in Indonesia that has so fertile land is slowly diminishing due to illegal law.. hey clay, if your soda was so good and could make me stoned .. You are a great inventor!!

  31. justin

    How can I get some I live in north carolina

  32. austin

    hey what despensary in seattle can i go to that carrys your product i just got my card

  33. Matt

    Hey is this thing still on? I have been following your updates…is this company folding?

  34. Challissa

    Can you buy itonline or do you have to have a medical card?

  35. brandon smith

    i’m from england, anyway of me buying it

  36. Wendell

    Hi , i’m from Brazil, can i buy from the USA or here ?

  37. LilylovesJoey

    Please come to Canada, come to British Columbia! I really want to purchase this drink ): .



  39. grapeap

    Can you mail out to MN

  40. Christy

    Where can I buy it in jersey? Since its legal lol I really wanna try it! [ =

  41. Mike D.

    When and where will it be available in Colorado? Please hurry!

  42. Eric

    I live in Oregon (the GREENest state around:D), and I am more than stoked to try some! How can I do this?!!

  43. Rafael

    you people are RETARDED read what the fuck the man says if weed is not legal in your porvince u cannot get it… shippment of weed is illegal so u can only get it wherever the fuck the bottler is

  44. Nando

    Clay, u spoke with some brazilians guys, of record tv… do you know if canna cola will be the legalized in Brazil, they said something?

  45. Rik

    I just wanna say i appreciate what you are doing for the MMJ field. Unfortunately my state has yet (it is pending) to approve to be a MMJ. My fingers are crossed. Between the constant pain in my knees & hips and my depression, it would be great

  46. Sunny

    I’m with u rik. In Australia Hemp Seed OIl is only just being recognized for its benefits, and that is only seed oil! Maybe in a few hundred years these people will figure it out lol. In the meantime I may just move to America, purely to be well again. Have a drink for me!

  47. jason jerscheid

    do you deal on the empty bottles and the recipe so i can make and distribute to patients in oregon

  48. Xavier S.

    I live in Portland, Oregon I have my medical marijuana card and Have been searching for this product for so long. I’m becoming proceedingly frustrated with looking for it and on the edge of giving up. How can I find out if a place offers you’r soda?

  49. ruben ramones

    WTF…why not in ARGENTINA.

  50. Jackie bizzle

    Are these sold anywhere in Michigan?

  51. Shawnaci

    I live near Lansing Michigan and have my medical marijuana card and would love to try your drinks. Could you please tell me where I can purchase them from. I appreciate your time Clay!

  52. Bob Smith

    How is the THC actually added and in what quantities per bottle? And what type of cannabis is used? Indica, sativa, or a hybrid?

  53. im a mmj patient in nm a mmj legal state info on becoming a producer/stocker/bottler of this product thanks clay

  54. RunMan

    Me GUstaria Saber si hay Posibilidad de Conseguir este Refrescon en colombia o ser enviado directamente por el Productor a Colombia.

  55. Airi

    i live in the UK and there is no way that i could get this, is there?

  56. Stevo

    where in California Bay Area?

  57. MultiVFC29

    Hey! Im from Uruguay and the gouberment could be the first in the world that sell weed to the population, please we want canna cola here!!

  58. Joe @ Rocky Road

    I run a dispensary in Colorado Springs, a patient asked me to carry these, how do i get them?

  59. Gary

    Is this product available in Rhode Island? It’s on the MMJ list.

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  61. Is it available in illinois ?

  62. Laurie

    Im in Texas and as we all know that there is NO hope for legalization here. I need help though I have been in 2 major car accidents I have NO insurance for medications or for doctor visits. I obviously go without cares. I suffer from chronic back pain everyday and migraines daily. I need to know what I can do to get some help with getting a medical card for mary to be part of my life legally. Would it require me to move or possibly grow? I just need to know the legal parts of what I should or could do. Please email me with any information that you have. Thank you

  63. Seth Green

    my name is Seth Green i live in Bluff City, Tennessee and i would like to address an issue i have an that is Medical Marijuana being legal in the
    state of Tennessee. Im 22 years old i have Cerebral Palsy on my right
    side as well as seizures artistes in my back. I have been in an out of
    the hospital since i was born, the doctors that i have talked to said
    that they would try an help get me the best heath care out there.
    Unfortunately they have not, They will not give me any pain medications
    under the new law. I went to a Pain Management in my local city, they
    said that they would do steroids shot in my back. I did research on the
    matter an i believe that 6 people has died by giving steroid shot, I do
    not want to take them because of the risk. I would like for you an your cabnit to think
    about this an get back at me because my family doctor said to go ahead and smoke even thou
    its illegal. Marijuana honestly help my cerebral palsy and my pain
    issues an with the pain im having is causing me to have seizures more an
    more and i honestly can not take the pain much longer i hate breaking
    the law, but i do not want to live in pain. I would like to reduce the
    pain the best i can. When the doctors will not give me the pain
    medications that i need or the nerve medications that cerebral palsy need…. i have to find something to help an Marijuana is
    helping its my only option. It shows in studies that marijuana help arthritis as well my
    seizures. Do not know where else to turn, and i am hoping that there
    will be a bill put in place in Tennessee where Medical Marijuana will be
    legal for people in my situation. Thank you for your time. P.S can you
    help get my story out front so it could be heard. Hoping you can help. Thank you for your time

  64. staycee

    I’ve been to a couple places in Cali and have yet to find it. I’m not driving to tahoe where my friend buys it because I live in norcal!! please help!!! where do I need to go!!

  65. mike

    i live in southern cali in yorba linda where could i grab a canna cola?

  66. Jo Ross

    Where can I find this in Michigan? Specifically, as in specific locations that carry it. Looked around for a list but either I’m blind and couldn’t find it, or you don’t have a list a places in Mi that carry it…?

  67. amb

    The link above didnt help me any. I thought it would show where in mi i can go get it from. I dont even care if it has week in it, the bottle is neat as hell! Once the pops done i’d def put them up as a deco in my home!

    • Clay

      We will have collector bottle available in 2014 to those live in states who can only dream about marijuana being decriminalized.

    • Clay

      We will have collector bottles available in 2014 to those live in states who can only dream about marijuana being decriminalized.

  68. Giacomo Corna

    I want this in italy!!!great product !!!!

  69. Mike

    Hello, hope you still read this.

    I see there are so many morons that just don’t read so I understand if you don’t feel like replying the same answer over and over and over again just to get the same stupid responses.

    My question is; as I’d like to bottle it, I see one email address to send inquiries on carrying it, but obviously I can’t get it as you’ve stated 100 times before so I’m looking for the proper email address to send the information you need to get me the information that I need to bottle it.

    I live in Rhode Island, I have all my credentials including MMP# and numbers to verify, As far as capital, we’d have to talk about that as it could range because I’m unclear on what any startup would be for something like this. If I need 100k in insurance and 25k to startup, I’m best just opening a dispensary myself lol. I’m looking to possibly produce for myself and maybe if possible market to local dispensary’s in the area.

    Hope you still read this.

    Thank you

  70. Harry

    Are you interested in opening a franchise in Uruguay?

  71. Ryan Nash

    I live right outside Worcester MA. I just received my card for MMJ. Do you have Canna Cola coming anywhere here soon? Also, we have a dispencary called “Good Chemistry”, coming to Worcester next month. They also, have 3 locations in Denver CO. Do you they carry your product? PLEASE SAY YES… I SERIOUSLY AM GOING TO DIVE INTO CANNA COLA :) and buy the gear…everything, can’t wait

    • Clay

      Sorry, but not yet. As with all MMJ states the product must be made and distributed in that state by authorized individuals or groups. This is the unique nature of producing MMJ products. You can’t centralized production like other companies.

  72. GottaLoveThatKushEh

    Is there any places in Canada that I may purchase Cana cola?

    • Clay

      Not yet, but I am doing some branding work for a Canadian company for their own products. Who knows, maybe they’ll become the our Canadian partners. But right now, we don’t have any bottling deals in Canada.

  73. I’m in Arizona can you tell me if there are any dispensary’s that carry Canna Cola already?

  74. Drew

    I’m a MMJ patient living in Vegas and am interested in your product. My number is 702-338-6941. I plan on getting a MIP permit once made available this Summer.

  75. Jo

    AWESOME!!I wanna try this sooooo much right now but sadly I live in China.:(

  76. I’m really trying to carry this product in my dispensary! I have yet to hearba response from the e mails I have sent. Anyways I am located in iregon a mmj legal state. I’d really appreciate hearing back from you!

  77. TonyG

    After I set up the bottling company, whats the next step? Im in Oregon. Ive put in a few emails to your company already.

  78. elliot

    How does one get this in Washington and how do I order the non medicated ones?

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